Count on us for customized solutions

It's easy to control the rodent population when we seal all entry points. Once we prevent other rodents from getting indoors, we can set out traps or bait to get rid of the ones that are already in your home.

We can tailor our treatment methods to...

  • Protect your kids and pets
  • Eradicate an established colony
  • Get rid of mice or rats - or both

Call 937-518-4255 now to request a free estimate on rodent removal services.

Spot the warning signs

Mice and rats are nocturnal and tend to nest in small, dark spaces, so they can be hard to spot. But they often leave behind signs of their presence. Call A Plus Rapid Pest Control for rodent removal services in Dayton, OH when you notice things like...

  • Claw marks along baseboards
  • Chewed or ripped electrical wires in attics
  • Droppings under sinks and around toilets

We'll trap the rodents, find and remove the nest and seal any holes around your foundation to keep them from coming back. Don't hesitate to call us for rodent control services in Dayton, OH.